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We offer a range of online training solutions to help you expand your business knowlege.

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At the Future Sales Factory Online Training School, we are passionate about providing you with the tools to improve your sales and business development skills — in an efficient and accessible way.

There are four key aspects that are crucial to focus on in order to see your organisation thrive:

Sales - Leadership - Impact - Motivation

Highlighting these areas, we'll help you progress your training, process management, effectiveness and profitability of your sales force, whether that's with one individual or a global team.



"We engaged Future Sales Factory to enable some of our personnel to understand why they felt so stressed at work, our workforce was losing motivation and therefore we were losing traction in our market place. With a series of simple, yet effective interventions, the facilitators helped our people manage their time, communicate more effectively and most important, enjoy their work more. The result for us was a more satisfied workforce and more efficient working conditions, which paid dividends with our customers in the long run."

- HR Director, Major Oil and Gas Business, Norway

"Matthew Quinn led our sales development programme which spanned 5 countries around Europe. He understood our needs; initiated training where needed and provided the best trainers on the market. Future Sales Factory will not accredit a trainer to their courses unless they can prove at least 5 years in the B2C or B2B marketplace. This means that the theory part of the training is held up by anecdotal evidence from people who have actually been there, this makes all the difference."

- Sales Director, Media

"Future Sales Factory has been a great help in engaging our people to understand how to build our business in these straightened times. Thank you.

Their people are certainly experts, but they also spoke our language. I thought I would be forced to buy some old style, traditional sales training, or be bored by some chap telling me about online learning. Future Sales Factory enabled me to buy a great programme which included all our people in key skills development, quickly and without any fluff, wooliness or technobabble. These guys are great - buy from them and nobody else!"

- CEO, Recruitment